Jhana Consciousness in Practice

Gateway to the Jhānas

A series of practice related talks by Paul Dennison during a 9-day meditation course at the Samatha Trust national meditation centre, Powys, Wales, August 2023, in the presence of Nai Boonman the founding teacher of the Samatha Trust tradition. The 9 days followed the unfolding of the four jhānas of form and the four formless arūpas according to the pre-reform traditions of ānāpānasati. The talks cover all but the first two days of the course, which was attended by approximately 70 meditators, 29 at the Centre, streamed to around 40 others online.

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3rd Rupa Jhāna

4th Rupa Jhāna

1st Arupa Jhāna

2nd Arupa Jhāna

3rd Arupa Jhāna

4th Arupa Jhāna


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